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[X]position Volume


A Zoom Into Body Dysmorphia: Investigating the Correlations Between Video Calling Duration, Focus and Behaviours on UK Students’ Level Of Dysmorphic Concern

Maria McGinlay


4th year

Domestic Violence: Gatekeeping One’s Window to Opportunity? Tracing Inequality in Young Lives’ Returns to Schooling

Eleni Omiridou


4th year

Authoritarian Consolidation: A Comparative Case Study of Vladimir Putin’s and Donald Trump’s Personality Cults

Veera Lohi

English Literature and Politics

4th year

Investigating the Effects of Plasticiser Type on the Mechanical Properties and Solubility of Banana Peel-Based Bioplastics

Tanvi Kapil

Biomedical Engineering

2nd year

‘Mooving On’. Intensification of Dairy Farming In Dumfriesshire: Impacts on the Environment and Farm Economies

Matthew Edwards


4th year

Sex Differences Detected In The Power Of EEG Signals Following A Memory Task In Mild Alzheimer’s Disease Patients And Healthy Elderly Individuals

Lucie Tvrdá


4th year

Using Engineering Design To Create Better Products:
An Exercise In Designing a Mountain Bike Suspension System

Louie Craig

Mechanical Engineering

5th year

GDPR and Online Behavioural Advertising: The Extent to which Article 22 and Consent Requirements are Sufficient In Safeguarding Voters’ Privacy On Facebook

Kristina Kandejeva


1st year

“They Don’t Care How Much They Hurt You To Save You”: The Lived Experience of Managing Chronic Disease and Needle Phobia

Hannah Roche


4th year

Is Internet Addiction Real? A Novel Validation Study of 3 Diagnostic Questionnaires

Gursimar Bhalla

Psychology and Neuroscience

4th year

Searching For Home: An Exploration of Slovak Roma Parent-Child Dyads’ Perceptions of Immigration

Emilia Kralova


4th year

The Battle for Kushtau: Save-Shihan’s Use of Telegram and Vkontakte To Assert Environmental Rights, Evoke Patriotism and Combat Foreign Interests

Beatrice Efimov


5th year

Guided by Research or a Stab in the Dark: the Impact of Health Inequalities Research on the British Public Health Policy Creation

Katy Dickson

Economics and Social History

4th year

The Anxious City and the Asylum Solution: Anxiety, Sanitary Reform, and the Regulation of 'Non-Conforming' Bodies in Glasgow

Milly Leggett


4th year

Lace Cuffs and Fisty Cuffs: The Comic Force of Innuendo, Euphemism, and Implicatures in Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night and Much Ado About Nothing

Torill Johnson

English Language and Linguistics

1st year

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