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Virtual Learning Environments

Tue 13th

13:20 - 13:40

We are three Final Year Chemistry students investigating the impact of new Virtual Learning Environments on the Student Learning Experience. Together with the School of Chemistry at the University of Glasgow, and Learning Science Ltd, Pre-lab online interactive simulations and post-lab auto-grading environments were developed. We are currently leading evaluations of the impact these online resources have on the student learning experience. We have carefully developed a consistent methodology for data collection and for analysis. We have focussed on gathering feedback from students who have been supported with these online resources, and those who have not (for comparison). To present our findings we would use video demonstrations and graphical results from the investigation. We hope that our final report can be used as a case study, to help demystify design and implementation of effective e-resources, to highlight considerations and challenges in the process, and ultimately to encourage uptake across disciplines.

Catherine McKenna, Jack Bullon & Jason Eriksen


College of Science and Engineering

[No biography here yet, but watch this space!]


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