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About Us

Let's Talk About [X], [X]position, [X]pertise, and [X]ceptional are organised and edited by staff in the University of Glasgow's Student Learning Development service (SLD)

Part of our job involves teaching students ways to develop their research skills, critical thinking, and presentation abilities. We recognised that delivering seminars and lectures only goes so far, and that research-active students need a platform on which to showcase the results of their research beyond their supervisors and examiners. The [X] group has been specifically designed, through the tailored training and mentoring programmes, to provide students with the tools and abilities to reach a wider, multidisciplinary audience.

By contributing, our students also have a chance to think more deeply about aspirations after their degree, whether that involves progression to postgraduate studies or employment.

We are indebted to the passion, committment and enthusiasm of our undergraduate students.

We are proud to be able to highlight the best of their contributions to knowledge through Let's Talk About [X][X]position[X]pertise, and [X]ceptional.

To contact us about Let's Talk About [X], email

To contact us about [X]position, email

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