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Attempts to Denuclearise North Korea

Tue 13th

14:20 - 14:40

Current tensions with nuclear-armed North Korea raise many questions and worries. My research project aims to address the ones that fundamentally relate to the effectiveness of the economic sanctions which can be described as financial pressures originating from governments, designed to alter the behavior of states that breach international agreements or norms. Although fairly frequently implemented, do they have the power to actually achieve desired objectives or do they only harm innocent civilians?

Firstly, I provide some background information in order to explain how this situation came about: what, in the eyes of international community, disqualifies North Korea from the nuclear club and what is the rationale behind North Korea developing these weapons even though the government is aware of the severe punishment it provokes.

Then, I compare the two cases of Iran and North Korea to see why and how sanctions helped to achieve Iran Nuclear Deal in 2015 while the dealings with North Korea tend to reach a dead-end regardless of numerous rounds of sanctions that have been imposed.

Grete Veronika Gedutyte

Politics and Philosophy

College of Social Sciences

[No biography here yet, but watch this space!]


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