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Alexander Pirinoli
History of Art
Year of study:
The New Media Muse - Creative Collaboration between Artist and Machine in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
Cameron Best.jpeg
In a time where the technological footprint of humanity is vast and increasing at an unprecedented rate, how has the development of computer science and artificial intelligence influenced artistic practice? Today contemporary artists are capitalising on the breakthroughs in computer technology, robotics, and neural networking to produce their art. The creative application of these technologies falls under the umbrella of ‘New Media Art’, which encompasses a variety of technology-centred art movements; such as Generative Art, Virtual Reality, and Symbiotic art. Artists working within these movements are simultaneously exploring a new collaborative process between man and machine, in which biological and artificial-life synthesise in order to explore new creative possibilities. How is this collaborative process manifested and what challenges does it pose toward long-standing notions of art and creativity? By using contemporary artists as case studies, I intend to engage in a discussion about how this symbiosis encourages us to evaluate the creative agency, authorship, audience perception and philosophy of art for the future.
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