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Zuzanna Filipiuk
English Literature / Film & Television studies
Year of study:
The Representation of Disability in Film Industry
Cameron Best.jpeg
In this presentation I would like to investigate how disability is portrayed in films and look at the psychological implications of such portrayal on the dynamics of the society. I would like to discuss why it is important that film industry stops exploiting disability for shock and comedy value. First, I will present data provided by UNESCO and University of Southern California researchers which give statistical insight into the inequality permeating the film industry. Then, I will look at how disability has been portrayed in films over time, starting with Freaks (1932) until to-date. Finally, I will talk about the psychology of prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination and how it applies to representation of disability in film. With this presentation, I hope to start a conversation about the issue and explain how and why people with disabilities have to reclaim their status in the film industry.
I'm an English Literature and Film student in the first year of my MA programme. I have loved film and literature ever since I remember and spent many hours in my childhood reenacting some of the scenes from my favourite films.
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