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Structural Concepts Implemented while Surveying Buildings of Historical and Cultural Significance

Misho Todorov

Civil Engineering


Year of study:

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The study of cultural heritage is a multidisciplinary challenge. Working in this area meets several peculiarities, which put emphasis on a full study of the elements of the natural environment, as well as the need for brilliant techniques of construction to be used. The detailed studies of the monuments’ characteristics in a series of engineering areas over the last decade have led us to the conclusion that the now gone creators of these monuments have achieved an important characteristic of their wonders– securing their durability and longevity. From an engineering standpoint, the examples are valuable in terms of the materials as well as the choice of a structural solution as their most important feature.

In several sites with world cultural heritage status - the conservation and impact of the monument in the perspective of eternal longevity have been studied, while analysing construction and the overall vision of the builders to the specific creation. It is these aspects that are the subject of research, and it turns out that their role in preserving the monument is extremely important.

This publication examines two monuments with extremely distinctive characteristics, requiring complex engineering research and thorough knowledge of natural and anthropogenic materials and their application in the construction techniques of the past. This is an example, and a basis for adequate solutions with an approach for long-term preservation of the structures.

My name is Mihail Todorov and l am in my final year of Civil engineering at the University of Glasgow. I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria in a family of engineers and from an early age mathematics, physics and the creative process of designing are an integral part of my life. Combining that with my passion for history and arts l am actively pursuing a career in various engineering fields – structural analysis, environmental engineering, and the preservation of cultural heritage. Having a four year long experience working in Structural Design Ltd. as a junior designer in the private sector l have also been a part of a publishing team with several Scopus Indexed papers. I am looking forward to sharing my experience in the field with all interested in what l believe to be an incredibly important, but somewhat neglected part of Civil engineering – preserving the past to help build the future.

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