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Fight the virus, stick with the rules and reduce the peak: an analysis of the metaphors used by Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic

English Language & Linguistics

The Mind, The Mood and The Immortal: Can Religion Make Me Happy?


Sex Differences in Pain


Artificial intelligence for Vaccine development can help us mitigate the effects of the next pandemic

Bsc (Hons) Immunology

Why we should know more about stress resilience and memory?


Democracy, Incompetent Voters and Making the Right Choice


Help An Hand With Another: 3D-Printed Rehabilitation Hand Exoskeleton

Biomedical Engineering

Music as Medicine: a Literature Review on the Effectiveness of Mozart’s Music on Epilepsy.

Computing Science and Music

Youth co-design in mental health research


Madness, Religion and Gender in Ancient Greece

Classical Civilization and English Literature

A blind king and a deaf porter: status and disability in the early Middle Ages.


How do non-meditators learn brief mindfulness and apply it to their food cravings? A qualitative study.


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