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Kavya Srinivasan

Common Law

Year of study:


Bet on Tomorrow: Unveiling the Global Saga of Online Gambling


This research examines the global legal landscape of online gambling and sports betting, concentrating on significant nations and regulatory measures. The research begins by investigating the surge in popularity of these activities, which has been fueled by technical advances and increasing accessibility. It emphasises the economic impact of legalisation, such as job creation, tax income, and local economic benefits, while highlighting concerns about problem gambling and societal costs.
It looks into regulatory practises in the UK and USA In the UK, the UK Gambling Commission oversees a comprehensive environment that encourages competition and responsible gambling. In contrast, following the Supreme Court's decision to overturn the ban on sports betting, the USA now has a state-level regulatory framework, resulting in diverse approaches to online gambling and sports betting.
The challenges associated with cross-border operations in the online gambling industry are also discussed, emphasizing the need for international regulatory harmonization to navigate complex diverse regulatory frameworks.
The study highlights the global industry's crossroads, where possibilities and problems coexist. It emphasises the necessity of striking a balance between innovation and consumer protection, adjusting to changing technology and preferences, and developing effective regulatory frameworks that encourage economic progress while assuring responsible behaviour.


Kavya Srinivasan, a second-year Common Law student at the University of Glasgow, is passionate about social justice. Actively engaged in pro bono work, she applies her legal studies to contribute meaningfully to community initiatives. Kavya's commitment to making a difference reflects in her practical approach to addressing societal challenges.

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