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Keziah Shaji

Physics & Astrophysics

Year of study:


Getting Closer to Solving the Million-Dollar Question of the Solar Corona


The Solar atmosphere is a subject of intensive study due to a scientifically popular anomaly, which is that the Sun’s visible surface, the photosphere, is a couple thousand Kelvin in temperature while the atmosphere (Solar corona in particular) is a couple million. The reason why it may be is still a subject of debate and studying the temperature distribution of the solar atmosphere will prove to be helpful for further investigation. The project involves the use of EUV solar spectroscopy to study the structure of the coronal active regions and their inferred properties of the plasma. Under the affiliation with the University of Glasgow, I aim to find the temperature distribution gradient of the solar corona in my specific region of study of the solar disk. This information should provide an insight into the behavior of the Solar surface as is intended.


I’m a third-year undergraduate studying BSc Physics with Astrophysics, currently very intrigued by solar physics and am involved in research of astrophysical scales. With opportunities of being able to present my research in universities in the UK and to be able to discuss the implications of scientific analysis, I’ve realized that inter-disciplinary insight in science is an elegant concept. Duality of various concepts had enraptured me from a fairly young age, and all my research is aimed to push our intellectual boundaries; unravelling the unknown as we traverse in time. As an aspiring academic researcher, I am looking for outlets where my contributions, big or small, add towards scientific research in the fields of computing, mathematical, experimental and theoretical physics.

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