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Cleona Ng

Politics & Sociology

Year of study:


Hong Kong’s political challenges through the camera lens: the people’s reaction


This research dives into the function of films as a medium for examining Hong Kong’s political challenges. Focused on the post-1997 political landscape of Hong Kong following the sovereignty transfer from the United Kingdom to China, the study aims to explore the complicated reactions of Hongkongers to significant political shifts and resulting identity crises. The backdrop of the Umbrella Movement in 2014, which brought global attention to the erosion of freedom by the Chinese Communist Party, sets the stage for the analysis. Two films, namely 'Made in Hong Kong' (1997) and 'Ten Years' (2015), serve as primary sources for understanding the societal responses to diminishing freedom and identity confusion. These films provide insight into the multifaceted reactions of different age groups in Hong Kong and capture the confusion and despondency prevalent among Hongkongers worrying about oppression, the 'One Party, Two Systems' promise and the emergence of nationalism. Ultimately, this research explores how films could be used for comprehending sociological predicaments, utilising these cinematic representations to shed light on the intricate interplay between political changes, identity crises, and societal dynamics in post-1997 Hong Kong.


Hi, I am Cleona Ng, a third-year Politics and Sociology student from Hong Kong. As a movie-lover, I realised that films could be used to study different societies. I started to look at how Hong Kong’s political challenges could be portrayed to others more easily.

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