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Shantanu Kothamasi

Mechanical Engineering

Year of study:


Unraveling a Ghost Lineage: Exploring Big Cat Evolution's Impact on Conservation and Ecosystem Balance


Big cats are one of the most majestic and terrifying animals on the planet. Several years of evolution have made them apex predators of their ecosystems. This research delves into the significance of big cat evolution, examining its role in shaping modern feline species and their interactions within ecosystems. Their appearance on the planet 6 million years ago provides us with some of the most fascinating accounts of evolution and adaptation. Currently threatened by Habitat loss, Poaching and Global warming their future on Earth seems bleak with several large felids being endangered or near extinct.

These creatures have had a profound impact on human imagination and art. However, humans have also been responsible for their endangered status. As their numbers continue to dwindle, with populations limited to various pockets, this presentation will help understand their uncertain future.
However, as modern technology and engineering advances, there are more innovative ways to help in their conservation. Genetic engineering techniques such as CRISPR might be the key to their future.


Hi! My name is Shantanu Kothamasi! I am a third-year mechanical engineering student at University of Glasgow. Several years of my childhood years were spent travelling, I have lived in India and Belgium before moving to Glasgow in 2021 with my family. I have a passion for engineering but, I have also been heavily interested in animal biology since I was a child. My presentation is one that aims to combine my knowledge in both these fields, using engineering techniques to support animal conservation and biodiversity. I am extremely passionate about this topic and believe should be brought to the attention for a wider audience to better understand our planet and the life that thrives within it.

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