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[X]position Volume


The Brutalist Church: A Case Study of the Mariendom in Neviges.

Laura van Heeswijk

History of Art

4th year

How Yoga Can be Utilised to Reduce Student Anxiety

Kirsty Dickson


5th year

Lilias Skene: Quaker Poet and Social Activist in Seventeenth-Century Aberdeen

Roslyn Potter

Scottish Literature

4th year

The Church Must Never be Reformed? The Policymaking Actors and Procedures of The Catholic Church

Steffen Keller

Politics and International Relations

4th year

21st Century French Revolution? Or Why Attempts to Reform the Welfare State are Met with Resistance.

Marlies Humpelstetter


3rd year

The Interrelation Between Social Media Use and The Political Views of Russian University Students in Glasgow.

Ka Mei Leung

Central and East European Studies

4th year

Public Art and ‘Spatiality’ – How Art Shapes the Politics of Space in Hong Kong

Matty Ottosson


4th year

Challenges Faced by Women Post-Cyclone Fani with an Emphasis on Menstrual Health and Hygiene

Srujanee Mishra

Economics and Theatre Studies

2nd year

People Like Us: How Harold Wilson’s Ordinariness Changed the Political Identity of Britain

Chloe Morris


4th year

Haunted to Haunting: Examining the Evolving Portrayal of Houses in Gothic Horror Literature

Fred Bruce

English Literature

1st year

Repurposing an Antidepressant into a Treatment for Leukaemia

Fadel Shoughari

Molecular and Cellular Biology

4th year

Positive and Negative Currents: Can Sovereignty Attitudes Explain Scottish Pro-Europeanism?

Aran Prince-Tappé

History and Politics

4th year

Empire, Industry and Femininity: Female Sexuality in the Victorian Novels 'North and South' by Elizabeth Gaskell and 'She' by H. Rider Haggard

Ioulianna Hionidou-Mooney

English Literature

4th year

Discussing Illicit Recreational Drugs with Patients: How Prepared Do Medical Students Feel?

Arthur Sebag


2nd year

Searching for Cleopatra: A Re-Examination of the Modern Icon Through Her Ancient Portrayal

Emily Borst


3rd year

‘Have You Tried Not Being A Slayer?’ Compassionate Conservatism and Allegory in Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Katy Green

English Literature and Theatre Studies

4th year

Coronavirus-Lockdown: A Lesson for Combating Climate Change?

Nuby Thomas

Environmental Science and Sustainability

1st year

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