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[X]position Volume


Femininity and Madness: Ancient Greek Ritual Mania and its Modernisation

Nyleni Superville Blackford

Classics and English Literature

Exploring the Link Between Climate Change and Terrorist Recruitment

Camilla Carlesi

Security, Intelligence and Strategic Studies

Duration of Stimuli Has No Effect on Relationship Between Pitch and Ratings of Attractiveness for Male Voices

Sofia Dahlstrom & Hannah Luke


The Economics of Space Based Solar Power and its Relevance to Climate Change

Narthana Arumugam

Business Management and Business Economics

The Politics of Bananas: Modern Slavery and the Commodification of Morality

Erin Rizzato Devlin

Philosophy and Politics

A "dark and stormy fairy tale": Exploring the Lives Experiences of Migrant Women in Glasgow With No Recourse to Public Funds

Loa Pour Mirza


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