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Volume 1

Welcome to the first online edition of [X]position, the University of Glasgow's multidisciplinary undergraduate research journal. In December 2015, we invited submissions from undergraduates across every subject on campus. In summer 2016, we published them for the world to see. Here you'll find their 2000 - 4000 word articles on their research topics, written in an accessible way so that the educated but generalised audience from across campus would be able to follow with interest and understanding.

The Articles

[ Dan Slack ]
Antibiotic resistance

[ Maria Constantinidou ]

Secularisation in Cyprus

[ Christina Tsirigoti ]
MS treatment with HIV drugs

[ Bibi Schwithal ]
Je ne suis pas Charlie

[ John Lindberg ]

Securitisation of

nuclear power

[ Rachel McAllister Bean ]
Gender and the body

in cyberspace

[ Hannah Marks ]
'Industry and Idleness'

[ Walther Glodstaf ]

Gender-neutral sentences

 [ Ross McFarlane ]
Authentic emotions

[ Pamela Atanasova ]


[ Emily Jamieson ] 
Advancing medicine using genetics

[ Rita Symon ]
Polyamory in film

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