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[X]position Volume 2

The second edition of [X]position, the University of Glasgow's multidisciplinary undergraduate research journal, features 2000 - 4000 word articles from all across campus. Students have written about their research topics in an accessible way, so that the educated but generalised audience from any discipline will be able to follow with interest and understanding.

The Articles

[ Veronica Stonko ]

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder:

An Overlooked Learning Impairment?

[ Milia Kit King Hau ]

What Were the Key Considerations Driving the United States’ Pivot to Asia?

[ Anca Amariei ]

Greensands - The Story They Tell About the Geological Past

[ Helen Smith ]

'Rocinha Is An Amazing Place!' - Making Favelas Into Tourist Attractions

[ Markéta Bajgerová ] 

When War Feels Right: Emotions and the Origins of International Conflict

[ Cameron Best ]

Imatinib: A Pioneer Treatment of Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia and Beyond…

[ Cameron Mackay ] 

Climate Change and Perceived Agricultural Sustainability in the West Himalaya

[ Louise Montgomery ] 

Nature Navigator: A Review of Citizen Science as a Tool for Monitoring and Discovering Biodiversity

[ Jia Liang Timothy Hong ]

Walk Off That Fracture

 [ Amber Hinde ]

Gunshots in Orlando: Membership Categorisation Analysis (MCA) and Post-Terror Political Discourse in the United States

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