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[X]position Volume 3

The third edition of [X]position, the University of Glasgow's multidisciplinary undergraduate research journal, features 2000 - 4000 word articles from all across campus. Students have written about their research topics in an accessible way, so that the educated but generalised audience from any discipline will be able to follow with interest and understanding.

The Articles
Anna Angeli.png

[ Anna Angeli ]

How Do Athletes Perceive Themselves After Failure?


[ Matthew L. Staitis ]

The Applications of Palaeontology in the Contemporary World: A Case Study of Fossil Sea Shells

Billie Armstrong.jpg

[ Billie Armstrong ]

Mapping Capitalism - Contemporary Psychogeography in the City of London

Sara Berent and Robert Gordon_edited.jpg

[ Sara Berent & Robert Gordon ]

Exploring Titan's Biochemistry Through the Use of an Innovative Spherical Rover


[ Natasha Hamilton ] 

Next-generation Teaching Methods in Chemistry Classrooms - Do They Really Make a Difference?

Louise Hall.jfif

[ Louise Hall ]

'The Cries of a Madwoman' - Mental Illness in Late-Nineteenth Century France


[ Leila Le Mercier ] 

The Devil Can Quote Scripture for His Own Purpose - So-Called Dédiabolisation and the Strategies of the Front National to Seduce the Youth

Kate Spratt.jpg

[ Kate Spratt ] 

The Literary Canon and its Socioeconomic Barriers: An Analysis of the Poetry of Hazel Hall


[ Jack Stitt ]

Social Capital in Northern Ireland: 

A Barrier to Reconciliation?


 [ Eva Szilagyi-Nagy ]

Long-Term Effects of Fentanyl on the Breathing of New-Born Mice

[ Fergus Hall ] 

Making Connections: The Influence of Scottish Traditional Music in Contemporary Scottish Jazz


[ Ellen McMurchy ]

Human Disturbance is Negatively Affecting Bat Diversity in Northern Trinidad

William Lim.jpg

[ William Lim ] 

Russia in Syria: A Pipe Too Far?

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