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[X]position Volume


Russia in Syria: A Pipe Too Far?

William Lim


5th year

Human Disturbance is Negatively Affecting Bat Diversity in Northern Trinidad

Ellen McMurchy


4th year

Long-Term Effects of Fentanyl on the Breathing of New-Born Mice

Eva Szilagyi-Nagy


4th year

Making Connections: The Influence of Scottish Traditional Music in Contemporary Scottish Jazz

Fergus Hall


4th year

Social Capital in Northern Ireland: A Barrier to Reconciliation?

Jack Stitt


4th year

The Literary Canon and its Socioeconomic Barriers: An Analysis of the Poetry of Hazel Hall

Kate Spratt

English Literature

4th year

The Devil Can Quote Scripture for His Own Purpose - So-Called Dédiabolisation and the Strategies of the Front National to Seduce the Youth

Leila Le Mercier

Politics & Sociology

1st year

'The Cries of a Madwoman' - Mental Illness in Late-Nineteenth Century France

Louise Hall


5th year

Next-generation Teaching Methods in Chemistry Classrooms - Do They Really Make a Difference?

Natasha Hamilton

Chemistry & Molecular Biology

Study abroad visit year

Exploring Titan's Biochemistry Through the Use of an Innovative Spherical Rover

Sara Berent & Robert Gordon


Aerospace Engineering

2nd year

3rd year

Mapping Capitalism - Contemporary Psychogeography in the City of London

Billie Armstrong

English Literature

4th year

The Applications of Palaeontology in the Contemporary World: A Case Study of Fossil Sea Shells

Matthew L. Staitis


2nd year

How Do Athletes Perceive Themselves After Failure?

Anna Angeli


4th year

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