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Fergus Hall
4th year
Making Connections: The Influence of Scottish Traditional Music in Contemporary Scottish Jazz
Scottish traditional music manifests itself not only within a traditional music context but also within the music of many Scottish musical artists that span a myriad of styles and backgrounds. One of the most fascinating areas of intersection occurs when traditional music and contemporary Scottish jazz come together to create music that is engaging and distinctive. By examining the music of a number of Scottish jazz artists as well as utilising interview material from three of these artists, this article examines how Scottish traditional music can merge so effectively within Scottish jazz music and what effect this has upon the listener. In addition to this, the role of the music scene in which this occurs will also be considered as this provides context for musical connections to be made by musicians. This study reveals the importance that musical interaction across musical styles can have within the creation of new, distinctive music. By examining these musical connections at a local level, musicians and listeners alike can gain a greater understanding of these musical processes and why they are important within the wider context of musical practice.
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