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[X]position Volume


Investigating the Effects of Mindfulness on the Change of State Anxiety Levels in Students, and the Moderating Effects of Personality Traits

Alejandro Serrano Saunders


3rd year

Instagram: A Space of Alternate Ordering?

Laura Williams

English Literature

4th year

The Image of Disability in the Film Industry and its Sociocultural Implications

Zuzanna Filipiuk

English Literature / Film & TV Studies

1st year

When Repatriation is not Possible: Colonialist Trophies in the Form of World Art and What to Do with Them

Tina Naston

History of Art / Classical Studies

3rd year

Event Selection at CLAS Using Machine Learning

Richard Tyson


5th year

The Representation of War Trauma in Graphic Novels

Martin Breul

English Literature

4th year

Mr Putin, Tear Down This Law: Analysing the Politicisation of Queer Identities in Putin's Russia

Mark Ross

Politics / Central & Eastern European Studies

3rd year

The Grey Zone: Situating the Rhenic Mission in the Herero-nama Genocide 1904-1908

Kirsty Campbell

History / English Literature

4th year

How Important is Reef Type in Influencing the Diversity and Abundance of Invertebrate and Fish Feeding Species Groups in the Trincomalee Bay Area?

Jamie Crowther

Marine & Freshwater Biology

4th year

Less is More?: Investigating Tiny Homes as a Sustainable Housing Alternative

James Lowder


4th year

Brexit: The Future of Human Rights in Scotland

Qianxian (Gogo) Wen


2nd year

Memory, Performance and Authentic Self-Telling: Re-Appraising African-American Expression in Audio Recorded Slave Narratives

Forbes Wigmore

History / Economic & Social History

4th year

The Psychology of Philosophy: Exploring Free Will and Mental Health

David Aikman


4th year

Starbucks, Pizza & Jihad: How 21st Century Terrorism is Capitalising on Western Pop Culture

Caitlin Fulton


4th year

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