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[X]position Volume


Partisanship and Mask-Wearing in the United States: Implications for Political Messaging and Public Health Policy

Stephanie Cheng


2nd year

Can Surgery Ever Become Environmentally Sustainable?

Rebecca Coltart


3rd year

'God Save The Queen/Dieu Sauve La Reine': The Role of the Canadian Monarchy in Shaping Canadian Identity and Culture

Shashank Talluri


2nd year

Is Deep Knowledge Tracing Using Recurrent Neural Networks Effective at Improving Online Educational Platforms?

Kiril Bikov

Computing Science

4th year

Cortisol: Friend or Foe in the Development of PTSD-Associated Synaptic Plasticity in the Amygdala

Ryan Shepherd


5th year

Visual Colonial Legacies: Algerian Identity and French Grief in Caché and Souvenir, Souvenir

Luka Avramovic


2nd year

Writing for [X]position

Submissions open each year after Let's Talk About [X], the journal's sister conference.


Keep an eye on your student email for our call for abstracts in February / March.

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