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Shashank Talluri
2nd year
'God Save The Queen/Dieu Sauve La Reine': The Role of the Canadian Monarchy in Shaping Canadian Identity and Culture
Canada has had a monarchy for more than 150 years and has a varied and longstanding relationship with it. With such a long history involved, the influence monarchy has had on Canada has been profound and evolving; indeed, the institution itself transformed from a vestige of the British monarchy to an independent and distinctly Canadian one. Understanding this journey, and what the monarchy is now, is arguably more important than it has ever been in Canada. It is key to appreciating Canada’s diverse identity and what monarchy means in the 21st Century.
In this article, it is argued that the monarchy has played a significant role in shaping Canada’s modern society and has had an influence on its identity, akin to a steward overseeing the political and social atmosphere. This involves exploring the somewhat intensifying debate surrounding the institution’s future in Canada. This article also discusses the current circumstances surrounding the monarchy, considering important factors such as the spike in republican sentiment and reconciliation efforts with indigenous peoples.
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