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Emilia Kralova
4th year
Searching For Home: An Exploration of Slovak Roma Parent-Child Dyads’ Perceptions of Immigration
Children play a key role in facilitating integration of Roma families into new communities and countries, which in turn crucially impacts quality of life of the families (Walsh et al., 2011). Nevertheless, little research has been done to explore the perspectives of the children. Considering this knowledge gap, five parent-child dyadic interviews were conducted for this study and analysed using thematic analysis. Six themes were identified: acceptance and racism, children have a future here, Slovakia; a home but a temporary one, feelings of empowerment, the role of community and the role of language. The results of this study affirm that children play a significant role in integration, but also suggests this process is highly nuanced. Consideration for this nuance needs to be implemented more broadly in policy and practice. Future research should explore the role of mental health and identity, as well as language-learning motivations.
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