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Kristina Kandejeva
1st year
GDPR and Online Behavioural Advertising: The Extent to which Article 22 and Consent Requirements are Sufficient In Safeguarding Voters’ Privacy On Facebook
Technological advances have drastically changed our world, offering new possibilities for consumers and businesses but raising serious concerns about the data subject’s privacy and the extent to which it can be safeguarded. This is especially concerning in the context of the use of data for political advertisements on social media platforms. This article focuses on exploring the extent to which the UK-GDPR safeguards voters’ privacy in the context of online behavioural advertising on Facebook. Specifically, the consent requirement and Article 22 are the main focus. The article concludes that despite its broad scope GDPR may offer substantial safeguard; however, in the absence of case law, many of its broad concepts require clarification by courts. Finally, as the UK is free to divert from the EU law, the recommendations made by a recent task force in relation to the consent requirement and Article 22 are also discussed.
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