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[X]position Volume


Does the Criminal Court Offer a Refuge from Patriarchy or is it a Site of its Reproduction?

Arabella Moss


4th year

Silenced Voices and Real Magic: Exploring Realist and Magic Realist Literary Representations of Slavery

Martha White

Comparative Literature and Philosophy

4th year

The Highs of Cannabinoid Therapeutics: A Review of CBD Treatment of Paediatric Epilepsy

Jessica McKendrick

Human Biology

3rd year

Evaluating the Role of Composting Spent Coffee Grounds on their Efficiency for Soil Amendment

Elsa Heme

Environmental Science and Sustainability

4th year

Artemisia Gentileschi's Venetian Paintings, Between the Querelle de Femmes and Melodrama Characters: an Intertextual Study

Alessia Silvi

History of Art

3rd year

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